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There are many advantages to being a member. We have a complete audio video show to inform you of the unique advantages of being a Wholesale Escapes member.

If you care about family time, your health and your sanity, vacationing is that time when we spend for ourselves and build family relations. Spend time with the kids, you parents, you grandchildren and loved ones to foster the kind of life that builds great civilizations. These memories last forever as a cherished time when the grass was green, frigidity clean water ran in the streams, food and drink were plentiful and living was easy.

Please review our numerous customer testimonials location on this site. Every day more and more members decide to become Wholesale Escapes members

Vacation Packages are the best value for travel. Combining Air, Car and Accommodations can result in significant savings. Look on Wholesale Escapes website for sample package savings.

All too hard to figure out? Your Wholesale Escapes concierge service awaits you.

Think of all the uses for a wholesale escape! Cars are cheaper. Get a condo on the beach in Florida with a better price than your friends get. Eat in restaurants cheaper. Travel like a pro with a concierge service meant for you.


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8 Responses to Wholesale Escapes Charleston SC

  1. Charlene says:

    Mr and Mrs Jensen our newest Wholesale Escapes members from Dayton!

    Oh are very excited to take the whole family on a vacation on a Disney Cruise in June. Imagine being able to have all of your children, grandchildren and even two great grandchildren on a family vacation together.

    The Jensens told me they joined our membership because their family only gets all together at Christmas and once a year is just not enough, she said she’s 71 and depending on her life span that could add up to just a few more family times with everyone together.

    Thanks Mr and Mrs Jensen for your inspiration.

  2. blakeadamsbiz says:

    Congrats to Rick and Mary from Mt Pleasant, SC for becoming our newest members. They are going to be using their membership to take their Dream Cruise for Christmas.

  3. Rena says:

    I would just like to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins on their membership purchase. Mr. Jenkins is very excited about the Super Bowl Package we have available on the website right now. He plans on booking the trip and taking his 16 year old son along. His son has made the High School Varsity team as a sophomore!!! Mr. Jenkins plans on giving the trip to his son as a Christmas Gift. What a great experience these two will get to share. Many life long memories these two will have. Mrs. Jenkins on the other hand cannot wait to take that trip to the Baltic’s. I’m so very happy for the Jenkins Family. I wish you many many happy vacations together.

  4. dianewholesaleescapes says:

    Welcome to Carolyn and Wayne from Buford, Georgia. They have both recently retired and are planning on doing alot of traveling. They are so happy that they have joined our company for their travel needs.

    Their first destination is the UK. They have deep roots in England and are anxious to visit Appleby Castle which is part of their heritage. I hope they have a great time and send lots of pictures.

    Congratulations to Carolyn and Wayne!

  5. kellieg says:

    Yesterday Mr and Mrs Glenn from Iowa joined Wholesale Escapes travel membership. They are a retired couple who loves to travel. When they saw how much they could save by joining they became very excited.

    Due to lack of expenses they postponed trips with family and friends buy by becoming members at Wholesale Escapes this became a reality for them. With careful planning using the membership they will be able to book on-line or call our concierge for assistance to take affordable vacations.

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Glenn. I hope you and your family enjoy all of the amazing vacations that await you!

  6. kellieg says:

    Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bailey who just moved from Ohio to Charleston. They are Wholesale Escapes newest members.

    They have a daugther who is getting married soon. By joining Wholesale Escapes they not only will be able to give her the dream wedding destination she has always wanted but will also be able to help family members enjoy the happy moment as well.

    Plus I’m sure the honeymoon will be amazing on the beautiful Hawaiian islands!

  7. Rena says:

    It was a pleasure meeting Paul & Joan of Phoenix Arizona.

    This couple purchased a membership with Wholesale Escapes today. They are so excited about being able to pay for their Son in Law to be and Daughter’s honeymoon. I showed them some great trips and they are leaning towards a Hawaiian Getaway. Who wouldn’t love a paid Honeymoon to Hawaii? They will be spending 10 days in a tropic paradise.

    Good luck and I wish you many happy years of marriage. Paul & Joan, I wish you too the best of luck and many wonderful vacations.

  8. Scott.Forget says:

    Congratulation to my newest Wholesale Escapes owners Mr. & Mrs. Hakilla from Charleston, SC.

    They are really looking forward to taking some trips that are not business related and hoping to see places again with a new light. They are preparing for their retirement in the near future and look forward to using this as a means to be able to travel once they have all the free time in the world. Not only are they taking trips for themselves but also with their daughters who will be all grown up soon.

    Best of luck from everyone here at Wholesale Escapes.

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